PIC Based LF and Avoiding Robot

In this instructable you will learn to make a light following and avoiding robot. My inspiration comes from robots imitating common human behavior, for example you will not just walk into a wall for no reason. Your brain communicates with your muscles/ organs and immediately will stop you. Your brain works very similarly to a basic micro-controller receiving inputs and processing them into outputs, in this case your brain relies on your eyes for information. At the same time it’s acceptable to walk into a wall when one is blind. Your brain receives no inputs from your eyes and cannot see the wall. This robot will not only be a complete build at the end but a cool learning experience about basic electronic components, DIY, and design skills to create something, and I know you will enjoy it. I know there are a lot more easier and conventional methods where you dont have to build circuits yourself and use basic modules to achieve the same result but I took a more different approach, besides if you are a DIY nut like me and looking to learn something new this is the perfect project for you! This robot will follow the light and when a feeler touches the wall it will reverse and turn, so these are the basic functions for this robot. Hope you enjoy me project!”