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Voice recognition technology has been here around the past few years. We still remember the great excitement we had while talking to the first Siri enabled iphone. Since then, voice command devices has grown to a very advanced level beyond our expectations in a very short time. With the introduction of many advanced voice recognition systems there came many other voice assistants like the Google assistant and the Amazon Alexa. The rapid success of Amazons Echo alone proves that we are gradually coming to terms with talking to machines.
So let’s start from the basics. In this instructable i’ll give you an introduction about the Elechouse V3 Voice Recognition Module and how to turn on/off an LED using voice commands. There are several other ways to implement voice recognition in your project, right from an android phone to Alexa or Raspberry pi or some other tech. But i got several messages from many of my friends asking me how to use this specific module with Arduino. So i’m writing this instructable as a basic tutorial for the Elechouse V3 module. I wanted to make this instructable as simple as possible for beginners, so we won’t be discussing the complete features and functions of the module, but at the end, i’m sure you’ll get some pretty cool ideas for your next project.”