Many years back when I was still quite heavily involved in the day-to-day company IT matters, we need to subscribe to a service called “Smart Finger” when we put our servers in a datacenter. Basically what this service is all about is to allow datacenter technician to help us to press the power or reset buttons on our servers without us driving all the way to the datacenter to just to press a button. However, every now and then, going through with the technician on which and where the button is can be quite troublesome especially when we have a few servers of different models on the same rack. Two years ago before I switched my office computer from a PC to a Mac, my PC took a long time to start up every morning. All these issues prompted me to wonder how nice it would be if there is a small little robot that can help me to push a button remotely as and when I want it. Last year, I finally found a small little device call Switch Bot at Kickstarter that can do the job.
These days, as our company’s IT strategy changed, and my Mac in the office works nicely, I don’t really need such a small little robot. On the other hand, after playing with the ESP8266 NodeMCU for a while, I want to know how complicated it is to make a small little device to do just that. It is purely a proof of concept exercise and nothing fancy.”