Basically this was our college project and we had less time to complete this project because of that we forgot to take pictures of some steps. I also designed a code using which one can control this robotic hand using gesture and voice at a same time but due to lack of time we were not able to implement it as then we had to make changes in whole circuit and I also designed a code using which you can control this project by using voice only using just Arduino board only then you will not need EasyVR shield which is costly so it is cheap method to make voice control robot . Code is attached below. The aim of this project is to design a mechanical hand and a control glove (for human hand). Mechanical hand will act as a slave by imitating the action of control glove (human hand) which will act as a master. Mechanical hand is designed using servo motors, controller and xbee module. Control glove will be designed using flex sensors, controller and xbee module. The control glove is mounted with flex sensors. The controller reads the voltage change when the ex sensors are bent and send data wirelessly using xbee module to mechanical hand, which will triggers the servos to move according to the gestures performed by hand. This device can help to minimise the requirement of physical presence of a human being in places where human intervention is least required ( Eg : chemical industries, bomb diffusing etc ).”