Like many people, I work in a room with a workbench, lights, fans, Air-Conditioning and bench test equipment etc. During work hours I have a habit of taking trips away from the bench for a multitude of reasons which includes

visits to the little boy’s room,
taking personal phones calls,
15 minutes fresh air breaks after an hour or an hour and a half and
even little snack breaks.

These away from bench breaks vary in time and have no fixed schedule(well at least not one that I have established) and during this time, every electrical equipment consumes power. The short wastage durations can accumulate to large annual ones and this is the basis for my problem statement. We want to accomplish the following tasks:

Detect user presence
Control Various appliances in the office which includes Lights, Fans and Airconditioning/HVAC
Provide Intelligence management in user absence.
Provide Remote Control and Monitoring.
Add a Security System to the Office”