RGB LED Light Writing Wand

Following on from my previous instructable, I have an interest in long exposure photography. The tools to do this tend to be on the pricey side, so I decided to make a couple of my own.NOTE: I wanted RGB and white, however the chip will not light up white (RGB at the same time). I believe it to be because of one of 2 reasons; 1. The chip does not accept 3 channels of current at once. or 2. The 9v provided is not enough forward voltage to power all 3 channels at once. The pictures in this instructable will show 4 buttons, however I shall disregard the white button and only refer to 3 (RGB). I could add another battery, such as 1.5v aaa/aa in series with the white button to boost the voltage only when the white button is pressed. However as I did not test until the end of the soldering process, I had already cut my PVC pipe too short to allow additions. This wand is designed to give the user easy control of colour whilst in use, without having multiple tools or heads to change. A total of six colours can be achieved using single or a combination of two buttons.”