Being a Do It Yourself guy does means that I am having a good supplies of tools and stuff …. Well thats true but with good things comes great challenges ….. and in my case, right now, I am dealing with alot of unwanted/excess stuff that is lying in each corner of my workspace and believe me its just a burden on my mind that is getting heavier as the passage of each DIY project … Well not any more! as In this Instructable we are going to built up a Portable Desk Fan + a battery bank (13200 Mah capacity) to charge any USB powered device while enjoying the cool gusts of air. The best part of this project is that we are going to built this useful Gadget using most of the materials that is laying around my workspace… As you follow this article, I hope you will enjoy the built and please don’t forget to vote my Instructable in the Unusuall Uses challenge (… ) and also put your suggestion for enhancing this gadget. So it the time to use some unusable things in Unusual ways to get the things done in our way :) …… Lets get building ……..”