Arduino Timer and Triggers - Automated Shutters

We live in a hot area where it can get quite unpleasant even at night, so we often leave the shutters open during the night and close them early in the morning when the sun comes out. I wanted to automate the closing of the shutters without connecting to the 220V electricity system so I devised an apparatus that would mechanically close the shutters by pressing on the electricity switches. The smarts behind this solution is an Arduino device that acts like an alarm clock but instead of sounding an alarm, closes the shutters :) The code behind the solution is generic and can be used as a trigger to any other operations / events you might want to perform. It is basically a digital clock where you set the trigger time (alarm) and an event is fired on that time. In this instructable I will not describe the mechanical apparatus that turns off the shutters and focus on the Arduino circuit and code since it is general purpose and can be reused in other projects as well.”