Brewery Project With an Arduino and a Raspberry Pi

Hello everyone, welcome to our pico-brewery project. Through this tutorial we will explain you how to proceed to realize your installation. As you can imagine, we obviously love to drink beers so to have a brewery it’s an old dream. When the professor asked us “what will be your project?” The design and the automation of a brewery was an fatality. The goal of this project is to create a pico-brewery with a limited budget and this including an Arduino and a Raspberry-pie. The budget has to around 150 euros. To achieve our goal, we worked with recovery components. Moreover, the CERISIC (Centre d’études et de recherches de la categories techniques de la HELHa), helped us providing several components. Thanks to them for the help. We had the idea of a vertical brewery to allow making beer without a lot of space. The idea was to create a low-cost brewery but also to give the ambitious at people to make their pico-brewery.”