Android Things A.I. Candy Dispenser

A candy dispenser running Android Things that exchanges photos for candies. It uses computer vision to classify the image. The Android Things A.I. Candy Dispenser: here’s a demonstration of how to create a “smart” candy machine. The device is a game that asks the user for a specific thing like a bird, dog or cat, and the user should show a photo of that thing in the predefined time to win candies. This project uses a button to interact with the user, obtains images via a camera peripheral and a modified electric candy dispenser being controlled by a GPIO with a transistor. When the user takes a picture, it processes the image data using Google’s Cloud Vision API, which returns annotations and metadata of the image. This info is used by the device to see if it matches what was requested. When we have a match, the motor of the candy machine is activated and give the user the prize. All users interface is presented in a Serial i2C 20x4 Display. The device (Raspberry Pi 3B) is running Android Things dev preview. It has a camera connected to take pictures, a 20x4 Serial i2c Display to show the “little” game state, a arcade button to interact with the game and a simple NPN transistor to activate the candy machine DC motor.”