Next Gen Treat Dispenser (Motion Detection, Video and More)

Do you miss your dog while at work? Or do you love someone who does? This could be a great present for yourself or that special someone in your life who has a furry friend but isn’t always with him/her. Here is next generation treat machine, this one with much more flexibility than others I’ve seen, including motion detection system (e.g. to identify if the dog is home or away, to make sure any video captures the real action); Real time MQTT server allows for easy extension of the treat machine into a series of interactive toys for your dog and / or games you can play remotely with your furry friend; real time dispensing of treats from anywhere in the world. Flexibility to allow for very differently sized treats. You’ll soon see another Instructable on how I used this platform to easily build a ball launcher / catcher that gives Pickles treats when he successfully completes the mission of returning the ball.”