TPA3118 Amplifier and Speaker

After using a TPA3118 amplifier module for a while, I thought it would be fun to design my own PCB with the popular TPA311x series of amplifier chips as my first major electronics project. But why stop there? I ended up throwing on a Bluetooth module, a crossover, a bass booster and designing a portable speaker to use this amplifier in. The speaker box features the Dayton Audio ND91-8 full range, ND20FB-4 tweeter, and the Peerless 830878 Passive Radiator. This project has been a huge opportunity to learn about circuitry, speaker design, and PCB layout. There was a very involved design process that is documented in a fair amount of technical detail in this Instructable. I hope sharing my experiences will help anyone who wants to embark on their own exciting journey of audio circuit design!”