Automatic Faucet System with FPGA and IR Object Sensor

We built a system that modifies an existing idea that is used extensively in public restrooms: faucet automation. We created an updated design that will lead to more efficient water use in faucets. We chose this idea because the existing sensor/timing system already in place is extremely ineffective at both conserving water and washing hands, not to mention frustrating to use. Our improvement on this idea includes a more effective timer and display, a sensor that will turn the water off if there are no hands sensed under the sink, and a manual override switch that takes precedence over the entire system as an option for filling bottles or buckets with no fear of the timer turning water off. This conserves more water than the existing model because it has 3 conditionals on whether or not the water is on or off, plus the timer display will provide a way for the user to see how long the water has been on. The previous model used one conditional: if hands were sensed under the faucet, a timer would start and only turn off after a preset short amount of time.”