NXP Introduces Industry’s Smallest 8-pin GX Logic Package for Mobile, Portable and IoT Applications

NXP SGX-8 image.jpgemiconductors N.V.(NASDAQ: NXPI) today introduced the world’s smallest leadless logic package for 8 lead logic functions. Measuring just 0.8mm x 1.35mm and only 0.35 mm in height, the GX 8 (SOT1233) package is especially suitable for mobile, portable and IoT applications as it not only saves space and has a more rugged design, it also reduces PCB assembly costs. The new GX 8 leadless package addresses the continual trend in electronic systems towards smaller and smaller packages, low-power consumption and low system costs. Previously, NXP has released 5- and 6-pin functions in the GX package. Now with the availability of the 8-pin package, most Mini Logic functions are available making it simpler for design and production engineers to respond to market requirements. “