IoT Breathalyzer with Cayenne, ESP8266, and MQ3 Sensor

The idea for this project came when I found a cheap sensor online that claimed to measure alcohol concentration in the air. Who hasn’t at some point wanted to use a breathalyzer, to see to a scientific degree just how intoxicated they were? Police around the world use breathalyzers to obtain suspected drunk drivers’ BAC. These breathalyzers give accurate and reproducible readings, but cost hundreds of dollars. The MQ3 sensor only costs a couple bucks, but it does not give accurate, nor reproducible BAC readings. In other words, don’t use this sensor to decide if you can drive or not. However, we can still have fun comparing relative values between friends. The Cayenne platform and an ESP8266 are used to connect the MQ-3 sensor to the internet so data can be viewed and gathered over time.”