Wi-fi Controlled FPV Rover Robot (with Arduino and ESP8266)

This tutorial shows how to design a remotely controlled two-wheeled robotic rover over a wi-fi network, using an Arduino Uno connected to an ESP8266 Wi-fi module and two stepper motors. The robot can be controlled from an ordinary internet browser, using a HTML designed interface. An Android smartphone is used to broadcast video and audio from the robot to operator’s control interface. There is a lot of robotic kits available online with various shapes, dimensions and prices. But, depending on your application, none of them will fit, and you might find out they are too expensive for your experiments. Or maybe you just want to make your your mechanical structure instead of buying a complete one.This tutorial also shows how to design and build a low-cost acrylic frame for your own robotic project, using just ordinary tools for those who doesn’t have access to those expensive 3D printers or laser cutters. A simple robotic platform is presented.”