Control and supervision of the pool

After a long absence on the blog, here is my latest project: connecting the pool to home automation. Why ? We have a swimming pool equipped with a control system “automatically” pH and chlorine (electrolysis). Except that the chlorine control is not so “automatic” than that. The unit we have is the JUSTSALT + Pool Technology . Chlorine generation is defined as a percentage of the operating time and not in the measurement of the chlorine present in the water. Only appeared later models (like JUSTSALT PRO) feature a ORP sensor (measuring chlorine levels) and are therefore able to intelligently adjust the chlorine production. Over time we noticed that chlorine varies widely sunshine, attendance and the presence of the cover. So when the pool is closed, I noticed that the setting should be about 5% and 50% to 80% when open. But this also depends on the stabilizer content present in the water. Basically, it is anything but practice and as a result, the chlorine level was rarely good … “