Real time wind direction and speed

I wanted a better wind vane, one that displays graphically on a compass rose and has a real time display, not the usual display delayed by 2 to 3 minutes like the WMR968. You can’t really get an idea of wind conditions and gusts with a consumer weather station. The reason those displays are delayed is that they are trying to save battery power and the related solar panel cost by transmitting infrequently. This unit is powered by the display unit. The display unit’s modified USB battery bank can be recharged via USB, or just left plugged in to a USB power adapter. I tried to keep costs lower than my previous wireless wind vane by using PVC sprinkler pipe rather than copper pipe. Also, by designing a wired system, that eliminates the wireless transmitter and receiver, instead using cheaper RS-485 transceivers. Wired systems can operate over greater distances and at greater speed without data dropouts that would be very annoying in the display unit.”