Child Tracking System Using Smartphone and Arduino

Recently, it is reported that many cases of child between 6 until 12 years old missed or kidnapped every year in world. Because of this threat parents begin to worry about their kids from kidnapping or missing. This proposes an Android based solution to aid the afraid parents to track their kids in real time. At the present, most mobile phones are equipped with Grid location- service capability, this feature allows the owner of the mobile to get the instant position for the devices holder. Since most of kids are able to possess smart mobile phone that equipped with grid location facility this gives us encouragement to propose such solution. The GPS and SMS services that used in Android mobile phones allows the parent to identify their kids location on a real time map. The system has two sides, kid from one side and his/her parent from the other side. The parents device main duty is to send SMS to request from the kids device to get the grid location. On the other end, the kids device is mainly responsible to reply the GPS position to the parents device upon request.”