How to measure temperature very accurately with an Arduino and a TSYS01 Temperature Sensor Board

While studying in university we were challenged as part of a course work into designing a box with very accurate temperature control. If the project were to succeed, multiple boxes were to be built and used in a research project studying the effect of surface material on the perceived temperature of flooring and other building materials. The project was deemed as very challenging by the university staff because the temperature inside the boxes should stay within 0.1C of the desired value. Therefore we would require the most accurate temperature sensor we could find. On one hand, the sensor should be factory calibrated to the desired temperature, because calibrating to within 0.1C of the national temperature standard is next to impossible on a simple setup of boiling and freezing water. On the other hand, an analog temperature sensor with a proclaimed accuracy of 0.1C might still produce inaccurate results after the value is converted to a digital value by an ADC (”